दक्षिण कोंकणी उतरावळि

A Southern Konkani Vocabulary Collection

Parts of jackfruit tree

पोणसा रूकाचे भाग

  1. aril or avril
  2. core
  3. fruit of jack
  4. gum of jackfruit
  5. hard skin of the jack seed
  6. jack fruit rags
  7. jack fruit spikes
  8. jack leaf
  9. jack seed
  10. jackfruit rind without the spikes
  11. leathery loose bag inside the jackfruit pulp covering the seed
  12. pith in the middle of the jackfruit
  13. stalk(peduncle) of a jack fruit
  14. sterile flowers
  15. sticky latex
  16. tender jackfruit
  17. the long wick like bud of jackfruit
  18. the smaller cotyledon
  19. the thin brown skin covering the jack seed
  20. thickened peduncle