दक्षिण कोंकणी उतरावळि

A Southern Konkani Vocabulary Collection



  1. Acting ignorance
  2. As if a fly has entered the ear
  3. As if all this wasn’t enough
  4. As if in a demonic possession
  5. As if never seen food for a long time
  6. As if not seen food or water for some time
  7. As if the father has reached the boat jetty
  8. Conch like
  9. Doll like
  10. Ghost like
  11. Helpful like the fragrant screw pine
  12. Like Bhima
  13. Like a barrel
  14. Like a bear
  15. Like a bull
  16. Like a bull buffalo
  17. Like a bullock with dysentery
  18. Like a calf set free from its rope
  19. Like a cat that has drunk the milk with its eyes closed
  20. Like a coconut tree in storm
  21. Like a dehusked betel nut
  22. Like a dog that has visited the market
  23. Like a donkey who is carrying saffron on its back
  24. Like a film star
  25. Like a frog stuck in the throat
  26. Like a ghost
  27. Like a lamp in the hands of a blind man.
  28. Like a mare
  29. Like a mortar
  30. Like a mouthful for the first solid meal of a child
  31. Like a mustard seed
  32. Like a peg
  33. Like a pendulous ear ring
  34. Like a piece of solid coal
  35. Like a plucked chicken
  36. Like a protuberance
  37. Like a rolling board
  38. Like a ruby in the hands of a monkey
  39. Like a sack of salt
  40. Like a sail ship
  41. Like a sesame seed or a small mole
  42. Like a shadow
  43. Like a snake swallowing a frog
  44. Like a stone thrown in a congress of crows
  45. Like a stone thrown in wet mud
  46. Like a stone thrown into the crow's nest
  47. Like a traditional steam cooker
  48. Like a tuberculosis patient
  49. Like a whirligig
  50. Like a wild cat looking
  51. Like about to prey
  52. Like an effigy
  53. Like an elephant calf
  54. Like an iron piece
  55. Like being sprayed with tiny embers on the face
  56. Like breaking the pot in the jetty
  57. Like butter
  58. Like charcoal has fallen in rice starch
  59. Like clear water
  60. Like coating the old winnow with cow dung mixture
  61. Like collyrium
  62. Like defecating on the meal leaf
  63. Like drumming on arecanut palm leaf
  64. Like fanning the cold rice
  65. Like feet with rope ring around
  66. Like fire in the back
  67. Like fixing a stone on the ring
  68. Like giving a flower garland in the hands of a monkey
  69. Like giving alms
  70. Like giving key to the thief
  71. Like going to get medicine for dyspepsia
  72. Like granary
  73. Like having given the head in the hands of a monkey
  74. Like having had a lunch accompanied by milk dessert
  75. Like having removed rope/chain from neck
  76. Like having stepped on red-hot embers
  77. Like honey gathered by the bee
  78. Like milk and water
  79. Like mouse and cat
  80. Like poking your hand in an ant's colony
  81. Like pouring water on upturned pot
  82. Like ruby gotten into the hands of the blind
  83. Like scraping a coconut shell on a rough rock
  84. Like setting fire to the home fearing the rat infesting inside
  85. Like setting fire to wet cow dung patties
  86. Like sitting on a plank of thorns
  87. Like steamed cake
  88. Like tender mangoes pickled
  89. Like the dry outer husk of coconut
  90. Like the flat bread
  91. Like the monkey beneath the stick
  92. Like the rump of a monkey
  93. Like the simpleton Pinnu going to Tripunithura
  94. Like the snake that has swallowed a frog
  95. Like the spirit possession at the time of bathing
  96. Like the strip of a coconut frond
  97. Like the sweet ball
  98. Like the work of a donkey
  99. Like thick soup
  100. Like tiny grains
  101. Like trying to teach a parrot intelligence
  102. Like with jaundice
  103. Lump like
  104. Lying like a rolling board
  105. Not enough to touch the tooth
  106. Sour curd that even the lice will die
  107. dissimilar