दक्षिण कोंकणी उतरावळि

A Southern Konkani Vocabulary Collection

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Meanings of

  1. समजून व्हरप  (v.)
    Category: Verbs starting with letters से, सै, सो and सौ
    make adjustments in relations
  2. साजोवनु व्हरप
    Category: Verbs starting with letter सा
    adapt not very enjoyable situations, make adjustments in relations, change the direction of the conversation and avoid conflict, manage according to the circumstances, pacify diplomatically

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Verbs starting with letters से, सै, सो and सौसे, सै, सो आनी सौ अक्षरांचीं क्रियापदां Verbs starting with letter सासा अक्षराचीं क्रियापदां