दक्षिण कोंकणी उतरावळि

A Southern Konkani Vocabulary Collection

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Meanings of

  1. ताका  (pron.)
    Category: Objective Pronouns
    neut. Singular
  2. ताका  (pron.)
    Category: Dative case of Pronouns 1
    neut. Singular
  3. ताणे  (pron.)
    Category: Oblique case
    third person neut. Singular
  4. तें  (pron.)
    Category: Subjective Pronouns 1
    neut. Singular

Related matches for

  1. who is it
  2. isn't it so
  3. is it not so
  4. Neither does one do it himself nor allows others to do it.
  5. Neither does one eat it himself nor allows others to eat it.
  6. Is it easy to peel bananas or to eat them
  7. Being bitter it is difficult to swallow and being sweet it is difficult to spit.
  8. Will the bitter pumpkin become sweet if it is dipped in Ganga
  9. Even if the neem tree is irrigated with nectar it will not become sweet
  10. Started to make the idol of Ganesh but it turned out to be a monkey
  11. Even if the cow is killed, it is not proper to kill the calf.
  12. The food tastes good if mother serves it
  13. Threesome fighting amongst makes it difficult to cook. Too many cooks spoil the broth.
  14. When there is sacred water the priest is not there to offer it, when there is the priest there is no sacred water to offer
  15. Will it be possible to get more milk from one's elbow than the breast?
  16. For the cat it is a game for the rat it is its life.
  17. When you receive it come from all sides.
  18. If you believe it is god, otherwise it is a stone
  19. If all sit in the palanquin who will carry it?
  20. If the hair of dog has grown how does it benefit the barber?
  21. If the goldsmith pierces the earlobe it is not painful.
  22. When the wealthy eats it is for taste, when the poor eats it is for hunger.
  23. just as it is
  24. by it
  25. than it
  26. in it
  27. on it
  28. for it
  29. to it
  30. make off with something hiding it under the arm
  31. excite a quarrel and enjoy it
  32. not use because of the fear for losing it
  33. that which could have been removed by nails had to be removed using spade. a stitch in time saves nine, if you sort out a problem immediately it may save extra work later.
  34. keep something intact without using due the thought that it will be finished but in the end it will go waste
Dative case of Pronouns 1संप्रदान कारक 1 Oblique caseविकारी कारक सर्वनाम Subjective Pronouns 1विषय सर्वनाम 1 Objective Pronounsवस्तु सर्वनाम