दक्षिण कोंकणी उतरावळि

A Southern Konkani Vocabulary Collection

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Meanings of

  1. एक  (n.)
    Category: Cardinal numbers
  2. एकली  (pron.)
    Category: Indefinite Pronouns
  3. एकलें  (pron.)
    Category: Indefinite Pronouns
  4. एकलो  (pron.)
    Category: Indefinite Pronouns
  5. एको  (adj.)
    Category: Definite numeral adjectives

Related matches for

  1. one who has eloped
  2. one with discoloured teeth or tooth decay
  3. cantankerous one
  4. one man band
  5. one with the feet bowed
  6. one who overstays their welcome
  7. one who often breaks wind
  8. one who is trim
  9. cursed one
  10. one who is about to cry
  11. one of age
  12. one with cleft lip
  13. one who has hanging lips
  14. one who is with hanging lips
  15. one with poking out bones
  16. one who goes along with the main priest
  17. one who devotes himself to something
  18. one with ruthless tongue
  19. one who is useless
  20. one who is courting danger
  21. one with unknown origin
  22. one eighth measure
  23. one fourth
  24. twenty one
  25. thirty one
  26. forty one
  27. fifty one
  28. sixty one
  29. seventy one
  30. eighty one
  31. ninety one
  32. hundred and one
  33. one crore
  34. one o'clock
  35. ten past one
  36. quarter past one
  37. half past one
  38. quarter to one
  39. one or two
  40. in one piece
  41. one who brings the grass for the cows
  42. young one of an animal
  43. more than one
  44. one by one
  45. of one seer
  46. this one
  47. the other one
  48. Neither does one do it himself nor allows others to do it.
  49. Neither does one eat it himself nor allows others to eat it.
  50. When one is alive travels in a palanquin, when dead on a bamboo bier.
  51. Spends ten times of what one earns.
  52. If one does not fear a bear does he have to fear a woollen blanket
  53. When ill fortune comes even the plank one sits will turn your enemy.
  54. Would one eat the peels too just because the bananas are sweet?
  55. Fate does not leave one even if one leaves ones village.
  56. Like the one who was on the ash heap riding the elephant's back
  57. Why should one who comes for buttermilk want to know the cost of the buffalo?
  58. One should take only that which one can hold snuggly in one's fist.
  59. One's salvation can be achieved only when one dies.
  60. Just because one sits on a drum, one shouldn't pull down a fence
  61. One who does not know hymns is not a Bhagvatha, one who knows not the mantras is not a priest
  62. The one who kicked fell on the bed.
  63. Outside one thing inside another
  64. Words say one and mind says something else
  65. Thought about one thing, what happened is something else
  66. Saying one thing and doing differently
  67. One does not become a king by riding an elephant and one does not become poor for walking
  68. The elephant has two set of teeth one to eat and the other as showpiece!
  69. do not make one stay
  70. do not make one feel shy
  71. only one
  72. one at a time
  73. will you make one stay
  74. will you make one feel shy
  75. as one
  76. with one accord
  77. in one stroke
  78. might make one stay
  79. might make one feel shy
  80. not one
  81. no one
  82. one hundredth of a rupee
  83. anna is a currency unit formerly used in India, equal to one sixteenth of a rupee
  84. sixteen annas or one rupee
  85. one rupee or hundred paise
  86. one and a quarter rupee or one rupee twenty five paise
  87. one and a half rupee or one rupee fifty paise
  88. one and three quarter rupees or one rupee seventy five paise
  89. one hundred and twenty five rupees
  90. one hundred and fifty rupees
  91. one lakh rupees
  92. one lakh and twenty five hundred rupees
  93. one lakh fifty thousand rupees
  94. become ill because of somebody else's longing for the food one was eating
  95. continue in one place only
  96. be not able say that which one know but disremember at the present
  97. make one speak in length
  98. make one suffer
  99. complete work at one go
  100. do in one sitting without rest
  101. face calamities one after the other
  102. do at one stretch
  103. change from one hand the other or one person to other
  104. make one stay
  105. make one feel shy
  106. let one pass
  107. one meal diet
Indefinite Pronounsअनिश्चयवाचक सर्वनाम Definite numeral adjectivesनिश्चित संख्या संबंधित विशेषण Cardinal numbersअंक,संख्या