दक्षिण कोंकणी उतरावळि

A Southern Konkani Vocabulary Collection

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Meanings of

  1. तोंडारि मारप  (v.)
    Category: Idioms
    give a snappy answer
  2. मुठाळा उतरां उलवप  (v.)
    Category: Idiomatic phrasal verbs
    figurative meaning

Related matches for

  1. A buffalo does not die at the curse of a crow
  2. A buffalo does not feel its horns as a burden
  3. A festoon of fish for the den of the she fox.
  4. A five year old girl is a supportive for twenty five kinds of work.
  5. A good excuse to come
  6. A injured finger will get stubbed again
  7. A lame boy gets a deficient girl.
  8. A little bit of oil
  9. A smoker can be identified by his throat, a sniffer by his eyes and a betel leaf chewer by his compound.
  10. A snob who gets a fortune will hold an umbrella even at midnight
  11. A word once uttered cannot be taken back
  12. Abuses of worms
  13. Act leading to loss of one's head.
  14. After coming fast like a horse he goes like a worm
  15. After roaming about the whole village, he returns to urinate at the holy Tulasi plant
  16. All deeds done are inauspicious
  17. An injured finger is likely to get hurt again
  18. An unwanted wife is also disregarded by the public
  19. Anda, Thinda and Mukunda
  20. As if that was not enough…
  21. As long as there is life in the heart
  22. As the king so the subjects
  23. At a leftover heap there surely will be a crow
  24. At exact noon
  25. At the auspicious time
  26. At the time of eating the eyes are waxy/glaze over. When a man become rich he avoids his former friends.
  27. Back doesn’t listen
  28. Because the person who has spilled oil cries, why should the person who has spilled coconuts cry?
  29. Become like a rolling board
  30. Being bitter it is difficult to swallow and being sweet it is difficult to spit.
  31. Bitter poison
  32. Blind light
  33. Blow in the dark
  34. Broke two
  35. Brought that which was there and also wasn't
  36. Came Diwali and the festivals settled
  37. Can be used for storing lime
  38. Catch by the neck and sink the teeth in
  39. Characteristics like Loranthus
  40. Clear water
  41. Coconut palm that has lost its top part
  42. Cold second
  43. Comparable to a water lily which is always in water
  44. Compassion grows like a planted seed.
  45. Converted by eating the flesh of a gnat
  46. Cooked rice grains not touching each other
  47. Cost of chaff
  48. Cow on the garbage dump
  49. Crow that flies upside down
  50. Curry item that is grinding
  51. Deed done
  52. Destiny can never be prevented.
  53. Dhobi's bundle
  54. Dhobi's job
  55. Do not beg while riding an elephant, do not nap sitting on a horse
  56. Do not defecate on the leaf on which you had taken food
  57. Do not mention any work, but do not forget to call for food.
  58. Do not pull out the sickle from someone reaping.
  59. Do not sell the strings where the flowers are being sold.
  60. Do not stand under a coconut palm during wind storms.
  61. Does the grinder become soaked if drenched?
  62. Does the mere utterance of fire burn one's body?
  63. Doing a theft in a crowd
  64. Doing head down and legs up
  65. Don’t be sad that a girl is born to you, she will be helpful to you, and don’t be happy that a son is born to you as he will be a torture to you in many ways
  66. Don’t expect to fill your stomach by sucking on the thumb.
  67. Don’t gossip too much
  68. Don’t say this and that these are Diwali lamps my son
  69. Dried tree will never generate new sprouts.
  70. Early morning sunrays
  71. Eats and drinks and god gives again.
  72. Elder's words are to taken as truth
  73. Empty hand
  74. Even if the contents of the pot can be removed, can the destiny be changed from your head?
  75. Even if the cow is killed, it is not proper to kill the calf.
  76. Even if the neem tree is irrigated with nectar it will not become sweet
  77. Even ready to beg if life is spared
  78. Even the jaggery feels it's life is sweet
  79. Evil power Gulika on tongue
  80. Extremely sour
  81. Fate does not leave one even if one leaves ones village.
  82. Feeling disgusted with oneself
  83. Fiery days
  84. Flood waters
  85. Food is poison for indigestion
  86. For a bear the hair on the head and the fur are alike
  87. For everyone his role is important
  88. For priest in the name of God
  89. For the cat it is a game for the rat it is its life.
  90. For the first time
  91. Frightening by beating on the screen
  92. Give at least a petal where you have to give a flower.
  93. Glimpse only
  94. Goatee
  95. God helps those who are helpless
  96. Haircut of Rameshwaram
  97. Half haircut
  98. Hasn’t become the bride but have been the bridesmaid
  99. Have we to ask the mortar his consent before grinding spices.
  100. Having content is extreme fortune
  101. He came for buttermilk but he hides the vessel
  102. He came in search of a buffalo calf in the marriage pandal
  103. He couldn’t digest what I said
  104. He earns, he spends, why do we feel envious?
  105. He is not crying for the dead grandmother but for the black gram cakes.
  106. He is saltless
  107. He roamed the whole forest but still get not firewood.
  108. Heavy rain
  109. How much does a rat excrete and using that how much dung cakes can be dried out?
  110. I will be doing my own death ceremonies
  111. If a sesame seed only is eaten, hunger is satiated only to the extent of a sesame seed.
  112. If all sit in the palanquin who will carry it?
  113. If beaten on head will strike back using tail if beaten on tail will strike back using head
  114. If called today the answer comes tomorrow
  115. If desire increases will the longevity increase?
  116. If god is with you, who else do you want?
  117. If god wills, a mango tree will yield jackfruit
  118. If one does not fear a bear does he have to fear a woollen blanket
  119. If speaking will complain and if not speaking still will complain
  120. If the crow becomes the master, the veranda will be covered with excrement
  121. If the goldsmith pierces the earlobe it is not painful.
  122. If the hair of dog has grown how does it benefit the barber?
  123. If the rice gruel is hot, tender mango gets a bite
  124. If the wife is young the mind of the husband is filled with jealousy
  125. If you are able to
  126. If you are virtuous the world too is so
  127. If you believe it is god, otherwise it is a stone
  128. If you have rice in the sacred vessel the neighbour will invite you for lunch
  129. If you work you will gain wealth
  130. In front of ten people
  131. In the name of the child the mother can enjoy
  132. Inappropriate time
  133. Insect's noise
  134. Instantly
  135. Is it easy to peel bananas or to eat them
  136. Is it's self-respect or the master that is more important for a dog
  137. Is there a need to tie a bell on an elephant?
  138. It is not a child's play
  139. Itching plant words
  140. Ivy gourd has numerous seeds, a fat/great man has lots of wisdom
  141. Just because one sits on a drum, one shouldn't pull down a fence
  142. Lamp balanced on the head of a cat
  143. Lamp inside a vessel
  144. Leaky head
  145. Leftover rice
  146. Let the bride die or the groom die but the donation, wad of notes to the priest has to be given
  147. Like a cobbler's work
  148. Like a hair in butter
  149. Like a salt lump in a sweet pudding
  150. Like droplets on the taro leaf which will not wet the leaf
  151. Like father like son, like mother like daughter
  152. Like serving white rice with a sulking face
  153. Like the one who was on the ash heap riding the elephant's back
  154. Living about by plugging the anus
  155. Long creeper
  156. Look at him dying
  157. Looking for a toilet when the call of nature arises
  158. Making a mountain out of a mustard and an elephant out of an ant
  159. Mere washing of bad deeds will not be atonement.
  160. Milk and water
  161. Mote in the eye
  162. Music party of an ass for the wedding of a monkey
  163. My arecanut is on your ship.
  164. Neither does one do it himself nor allows others to do it.
  165. Neither does one eat it himself nor allows others to eat it.
  166. No stool in the rectum
  167. No trace of even powder
  168. No way to have even buttermilk but is trying to get curds.
  169. No wonder horses don’t have horns
  170. Not able to bite if you put a finger in his mouth
  171. Not enough for tying to the tail
  172. Not enough to touch the tooth
  173. Not even a little bit of space even for a sesame seed
  174. Not from anywhere particular
  175. Not in sunlight not in rain not in dew
  176. Not make big
  177. Not of loose change
  178. Nothing will fall off
  179. Nowadays nobody comes to assist anyone
  180. One does not become a king by riding an elephant and one does not become poor for walking
  181. One knuckling each for each bite of morsel
  182. One should take only that which one can hold snuggly in one's fist.
  183. One who dies by drinking milk does not require any poison.
  184. One who does not know hymns is not a Bhagvatha, one who knows not the mantras is not a priest
  185. One who eats a goat everyday will feel a chicken is chicken feed.
  186. One who has does injustice will not get a helping hand from god.
  187. One's salvation can be achieved only when one dies.
  188. One's shadow is anchored at one's feet
  189. Opening to the heavens
  190. Opposite or inappropriate words
  191. Outside one thing inside another
  192. Person with head
  193. Plentiful of mango and jackfruit
  194. Pounding bones and powdering them
  195. Poverty is sure to be extended
  196. Rain on the back of a buffalo.
  197. Rice got overcooked and became gruel.
  198. Ridiculous half haircut
  199. Rolling about like leftover leaf plate, roaming about in the village
  200. Sadness cot
  201. Same refrain
  202. Saying one thing and doing differently
  203. Shapely and beautiful teeth
  204. Sitting on the bank and trying to drink water using the tail.
  205. Sleeping like Kumbakarna
  206. Some food for sustenance is being provided
  207. Spends ten times of what one earns.
  208. Splashing lentil curry
  209. Started to make the idol of Ganesh but it turned out to be a monkey
  210. Stools and urine
  211. Subbha at sahib's wedding trying to get fame. Getting benefit at another's cost.
  212. Sugarcane in the mouth of an elephant
  213. Sunday of the garden lizard
  214. Sweating in water
  215. Sweeten your mouth
  216. Talks of the dog's death ceremony
  217. Tell to blow the ear and he blows the pounding mortar
  218. Temple festival without the elephant
  219. That which was received as gift was given away as alms
  220. The Konkani person died of heavy load, the Shenoi died of heavy eating
  221. The alliance was for the son the marriage finalized for the father
  222. The big basket falling in the small basket
  223. The boon of the demon Bhasmasura
  224. The brahmana never converts and the ocean never dries
  225. The bridegroom looks at the bride and the priest looks at his dakshina
  226. The calves have a rope to stop them from running away and the women have the sacred thread to stop them from going astray
  227. The cat always lands on its four feet
  228. The cat eyes the milk while the dog eyes the vessel with food
  229. The cat that went to Kashi
  230. The cat's teeth never hurts the kitten.
  231. The child who eats ghee can be distinguished from his complexion.
  232. The child will protest only to the mother
  233. The child's weapon is its tears
  234. The couple suited for the house
  235. The cow in the mouth of a tiger
  236. The curry is talking
  237. The daughter in law looks in the mirror while the mother in law looks in the vessel
  238. The dead hen is moving its feathers
  239. The debt of previous birth has to be repaid in this birth.
  240. The disease of body can be cured but not of the mind.
  241. The dog keeping rhythm for the singing of the donkeys
  242. The dust is in the eye but blowing is in the ear.
  243. The eagle flies upside down
  244. The elephant has two set of teeth one to eat and the other as showpiece!
  245. The food tastes good if mother serves it
  246. The girl is beautiful but with blind eyes.
  247. The girl is intelligent for she looks for the ladle in the place of spoon and spoon in place of ladle.
  248. The goldsmith will steal gold even from his mother's mangalsutra.
  249. The grandfather does not want grandchildren, but why does the great-grandfather wants great-grandchildren
  250. The grandmother desires for grandchildren while the mother wishes for no child
  251. The king's mind and the shadow of a tree changes frequently
  252. The lentil curry is whelping
  253. The living has no food but the dead get oblations.
  254. The new cloth is for body the old is for the pillow
  255. The offering given to the deity is actually for the priest.
  256. The one who kicked fell on the bed.
  257. The procession of fowls for the marriage of the monkey
  258. The rabbit's whole life is spent at the roots of plants
  259. The rotten ash gourd for the priest Kushta
  260. The scolding addressed to the daughter affect the daughter in law
  261. The scrapper broke, the mother in-law died, the daughter in-law became intelligent
  262. The sugar cane standing in water
  263. The water from the spring will stop on attaining a level, while flood waters flow.
  264. The wick burns bright that is about to be extinguished.
  265. The woman's place is always near the hearth.
  266. There is no bush on which the crow doesn’t excrete and there is no stake on which the dog doesn’t urinate
  267. There is no education without a preceptor or mentor
  268. There is no medicine for jealousy.
  269. There is no treatment or medicine for envy/jealousy.
  270. Thick banana with thick skin
  271. Those who deserve elephants should sit on elephants and those who deserve donkeys should sit on donkeys.
  272. Those who have hair can tie their hair any which way.
  273. Those who have no respect for the preceptor or mentor will perish
  274. Those who move away from justice and do injustice will not get a helping hand from god.
  275. Thought about one thing, what happened is something else
  276. Threesome fighting amongst makes it difficult to cook. Too many cooks spoil the broth.
  277. To beat the drums
  278. To beat the plate
  279. To cut someone's throat with a fallen hair.
  280. Today is Holi, tomorrow sweets, and day after tomorrow the third day of Holi festival Ukkuli.
  281. Too busy to even breathe
  282. Too much is too bad
  283. Treat me well as I am your eldest son-in-law
  284. Universal arrangement
  285. Uprooting the plant and checking if the roots have sprout.
  286. Using hog plum instead of mango
  287. Water hyacinth in the pond
  288. Water will stagnate where there is a pit.
  289. We remember god in our difficult times
  290. Wedding of the cat and the dog
  291. Weight over weight
  292. Went down the drain
  293. What is the status of the earthworm compared to the Sesha serpent
  294. Whatever said is law
  295. When god gives he gives from all sides
  296. When ill fortune comes even the plank one sits will turn your enemy.
  297. When one is alive travels in a palanquin, when dead on a bamboo bier.
  298. When the bull raises its tail and you know what comes next
  299. When the wealthy eats it is for taste, when the poor eats it is for hunger.
  300. When there is sacred water the priest is not there to offer it, when there is the priest there is no sacred water to offer
  301. When you receive it come from all sides.
  302. Where there is sin there is fear
  303. Who will feel a blanket to be burdensome at the time of cold weather?
  304. Why should one who comes for buttermilk want to know the cost of the buffalo?
  305. Wick in the lamp
  306. Will eat even the dog poo is given roasted
  307. Will it be possible to get more milk from one's elbow than the breast?
  308. Will the bitter pumpkin become sweet if it is dipped in Ganga
  309. Will the pickle have as much saltiness as salt itself?
  310. Won't even keep lightweight thorny kindling on wood
  311. Wont wakeup even if the house catches fire
  312. Won’t know if an elephant comes raging
  313. Words say one and mind says something else
  314. Work of Narada
  315. Work over, the doctor died
  316. Would one eat the peels too just because the bananas are sweet?
  317. You are giving me trouble
  318. You cannot be free from your sins just by visiting Kashi or Rameshwaram
  319. You haven’t been fruited on the tree.
  320. You haven’t sprouted from the earth
  321. Your coaching
  322. be broken down
  323. burning days
Idiomatic phrasal verbsवाक्यांश क्रिया
  1. abandon helpless
  2. abide
  3. abuse using obscene, filthy or profane words
  4. accept
  5. accept responsibility
  6. accept unwanted responsibility
  7. accomplish an aim
  8. accuse
  9. acquire a bad reputation
  10. acquire resources to live well
  11. act as if assisting
  12. act beggarly
  13. act contrary to real
  14. act heedlessly
  15. act idiotic
  16. act mad
  17. act pointlessly
  18. act stupidly
  19. act unethically
  20. act unnaturally
  21. add insult to injury
  22. aggravate
  23. amplify
  24. appear after a long time
  25. apply to eye
  26. appropriate
  27. ask for calamities
  28. ask or call for difficulty calamity etc.
  29. assault
  30. assist
  31. attack
  32. attract discomfort due to one's own activity
  33. avoid someone purposefully
  34. await
  35. await eagerly
  36. awaken craving
  37. badger
  38. banish
  39. bask in sunshine
  40. bathe in large quantities of water
  41. bathe off accumulated dirt from body after many days
  42. batter
  43. be about to be bankrupt
  44. be absorbed in the work
  45. be affected by an evil eye
  46. be affected by evil eye
  47. be alert for any sound
  48. be all ears
  49. be angry and sulky
  50. be arrogant
  51. be ashamed
  52. be astonished
  53. be at loose end
  54. be attentive
  55. be awake all night
  56. be aware of a pressure in the head
  57. be bankrupt
  58. be blinded by fear or tragedy
  59. be born of breech delivery
  60. be bounced around
  61. be brattish
  62. be broke
  63. be buffeted about
  64. be burdened with some responsibility
  65. be burdensome
  66. be bursting to come up
  67. be careless
  68. be cheated
  69. be chocked by emotion
  70. be circulated
  71. be compatible
  72. be competent to think properly
  73. be complementary
  74. be completely drenched
  75. be constipated
  76. be consumed with craving for
  77. be cruel
  78. be crushed
  79. be damaged
  80. be dazzled
  81. be dead since long
  82. be deafened by loud sound
  83. be deafened by noise
  84. be deeply attached to someone
  85. be defective
  86. be delayed
  87. be depressed
  88. be despondent
  89. be deterred
  90. be devoid of sound
  91. be diluted
  92. be disappointed
  93. be discouraged
  94. be disgraced
  95. be diverted from studies
  96. be down in the dumps
  97. be drenched
  98. be driven by frenzy
  99. be dumbfounded
  100. be effortlessly intelligent
  101. be effortlessly intelligent, be foolish
  102. be egotistic
  103. be emaciated
  104. be enmeshed in a complication from which escape is impossible
  105. be entrapped in slimy mud or marshy land
  106. be envious
  107. be exceptionally alert
  108. be exhilarated
  109. be extremely angry
  110. be extremely ashamed
  111. be extremely attentive
  112. be extremely happy
  113. be extremely hungry
  114. be extremely tensed
  115. be extremely untruthful
  116. be extremely worried
  117. be eye catching
  118. be fastidious
  119. be fed up
  120. be flustered and make sudden movements of head like rogue elephants
  121. be foolish
  122. be free of burden
  123. be frightened
  124. be furious
  125. be fussy
  126. be gaunt
  127. be generous
  128. be gloomy
  129. be hair raising
  130. be half mad
  131. be happy
  132. be harmonious
  133. be having menses
  134. be heartbroken
  135. be heavily maligned
  136. be held back
  137. be held in disrepute
  138. be held in great disrepute
  139. be helpless
  140. be horror struck
  141. be hungry
  142. be idiotic
  143. be ill
  144. be immersed in godly matters at all times
  145. be imperfect
  146. be imposed upon
  147. be in a bad spell
  148. be in a critical state
  149. be in a frenzy with worry
  150. be in a serious health condition
  151. be in an angry mood
  152. be in difficulties
  153. be in dilemma
  154. be in frenzy
  155. be in haste
  156. be in one's sight
  157. be in the grip of some emotion like anger or extreme irritability
  158. be inclined to
  159. be incumbent against one's will
  160. be inferior
  161. be influenced
  162. be insane
  163. be insolvent due lavishness or squandering
  164. be insolvent due to lavishness or squandering
  165. be intensely watchful
  166. be intoxicated
  167. be involved
  168. be irritating
  169. be jealous
  170. be jobless
  171. be known all over the place
  172. be lazy, be bedridden
  173. be like shackled
  174. be low spirited
  175. be mad
  176. be making frequent visits
  177. be maligned
  178. be mangled
  179. be miserly
  180. be mortally afraid
  181. be muddled and badly organised
  182. be neglected
  183. be nervous
  184. be not able say that which one know but disremember at the present
  185. be not in a haste
  186. be not in one's right mind
  187. be not up scratch
  188. be noticed
  189. be of correct measure
  190. be of no value
  191. be of peculiar habits
  192. be of poor quality
  193. be on the brink of death
  194. be on the decline
  195. be on the tip of the tongue
  196. be on the verge of death
  197. be orphaned
  198. be out of one's control
  199. be out of senses
  200. be over smart
  201. be over worked
  202. be overcooked
  203. be overenthusiastic
  204. be penny- pinching
  205. be perfectly fitting
  206. be pleased
  207. be pompous
  208. be possessed by an evil spirit
  209. be pressed down
  210. be pricked by conscience
  211. be puffed up with pride
  212. be punished
  213. be ready to do something
  214. be ready to sacrifice one's life for someone
  215. be resolute
  216. be rid of anger/irritation
  217. be ridden of unwanted responsibility
  218. be scantily dressed like wearing a very low necked blouse by women
  219. be second-rate
  220. be secretive
  221. be sick, be lazy
  222. be silent
  223. be silent when the need was to talk
  224. be so angry as be ready strike
  225. be sodden
  226. be sorry
  227. be soundless
  228. be sourpuss
  229. be standing even after a long time after entry
  230. be still standing
  231. be stingy
  232. be stranded
  233. be stupid
  234. be substandard
  235. be swamped with ill luck
  236. be sympathetic
  237. be terrified
  238. be terror stricken
  239. be thoroughly wet
  240. be thrifty
  241. be thrilled
  242. be thrown about
  243. be tied to the oil mill
  244. be tongue tied
  245. be unable to leave
  246. be unable to think properly
  247. be uncontrollable
  248. be undecided
  249. be under one's control
  250. be under the spell of some spirit
  251. be unyielding
  252. be utterly exhausted
  253. be utterly selfish
  254. be utterly shocked
  255. be very angry
  256. be violent
  257. be weak
  258. be weak or watered down
  259. be weakened by old age
  260. be weary of life
  261. be weird
  262. be wet and sticky
  263. be within reach
  264. be worried
  265. be worse
  266. be worthless
  267. be yearning do something
  268. bear in mind
  269. bear the emptiness in one's house
  270. beat
  271. beat about the bush
  272. beat mercilessly
  273. beat mercilessly or indiscriminately
  274. beat someone
  275. beat thoroughly
  276. become a burden
  277. become a mother
  278. become an earning person
  279. become angry lightning speed
  280. become arrogant
  281. become bankrupt
  282. become bankrupt and resort begging
  283. become bankrupt due to lavishness
  284. become calm
  285. become clean
  286. become crooked in character
  287. become drowsy
  288. become emotional
  289. become extremely angry
  290. become extremely ignominous
  291. become extremely thin with illness
  292. become fat
  293. become feeble
  294. become free from tension or work or responsibilities
  295. become fully aware of
  296. become furious in a flash
  297. become haughty
  298. become hoarse
  299. become hopeless
  300. become ignominous
  301. become ill because of somebody else's longing for the food one was eating
  302. become mad
  303. become mad with tension
  304. become mental with worry
  305. become more inferior
  306. become obese
  307. become pauper
  308. become penniless
  309. become pregnant
  310. become self-dependent
  311. become self-reliant
  312. become superior in uselessness
  313. become thin
  314. become unbalanced mentally
  315. become unethical
  316. become unwell
  317. become useless
  318. become wider than longer
  319. befall a calamity
  320. beg
  321. behave foolishly
  322. behave without weighing consequences
  323. behold
  324. beseech
  325. blast out words
  326. blink
  327. bloat
  328. blow out of proportion
  329. blush
  330. boast
  331. bog
  332. bolt down
  333. boss around
  334. bow with shame
  335. brag
  336. break the fold
  337. bribe
  338. brighten up
  339. bring dishonour
  340. bring ruin
  341. bring the limelight
  342. bristle
  343. broadcast someone's secret intentionally
  344. bruise
  345. burglarise
  346. burn with envy
  347. burn with jealousy
  348. burn with malice
  349. butt in
  350. buy trouble
  351. cajole
  352. calm
  353. caress
  354. carry a burden
  355. carry on hip
  356. carry the burden of one's sins
  357. cast an evil eye
  358. caught in a trap
  359. cause envy
  360. cause hindrance
  361. cause hindrance while walking
  362. cause ill effect by the happening of what was said in jest
  363. cause to lose footing)
  364. cause to trip
  365. change direction
  366. change from one hand the other or one person to other
  367. change hands
  368. change opinion
  369. chase
  370. chat for length
  371. chatter
  372. cheat
  373. cheat and get away with something
  374. cheat and take away
  375. churn out stories
  376. clamp on someone’s throat with the intention of pushing him out
  377. clasp onto
  378. clean
  379. clean out by robbing
  380. clear the way
  381. cling
  382. cling to
  383. close door
  384. close door partially
  385. cloud with anger
  386. cluster around someone
  387. coat
  388. coerce to do something
  389. collect and bring together
  390. come empty handed
  391. come into possession
  392. come under pressure
  393. commence with a caress and conclude with a stab
  394. complete work at one go
  395. compliment excessively
  396. conceal
  397. concentrate
  398. concentrate on
  399. conclude in mind
  400. concoct tales
  401. concote
  402. confront
  403. congratulate
  404. consider as of no value
  405. consider carefully
  406. consider pros and cons
  407. consider someone or something worthless
  408. consider worthless
  409. contain
  410. continue in one place only
  411. contort
  412. control someone
  413. cook up elaborate falsification
  414. corner someone using the words uttered by them earlier
  415. corrode
  416. count the days to the end
  417. countermand
  418. court danger
  419. cover with gloom
  420. covet
  421. cower with fright
  422. crack knuckles
  423. create lies
  424. cringe
  425. cringe in fright
  426. criticise
  427. crush
  428. crush after falling down
  429. cry
  430. curl up with discomfort
  431. curl with fright
  432. curse oneself
  433. cut off relations or friendship
  434. cut the hand that feeds
  435. damage
  436. dawdle
  437. deal
  438. dealings
  439. deceive
  440. decide
  441. declare openly to all and sundry
  442. decline
  443. defalcate
  444. defame self
  445. delay
  446. delve deep into unnecessary details
  447. demand exorbitant prices
  448. denial
  449. deride
  450. describe one's sufferings
  451. despair
  452. destroy
  453. destroy completely
  454. develop a hump like protuberance at the nape due obesity
  455. develop a hunch
  456. device plans of deceit
  457. devour everything
  458. devour greedily
  459. devour whole
  460. die
  461. dig up confidential information
  462. dilly-dally
  463. disapprove
  464. disarray
  465. disclose
  466. discourage
  467. dismiss someone
  468. disorganise
  469. disregard
  470. distort
  471. disturb
  472. do an inauspicious deed
  473. do anything very slowly
  474. do at one stretch
  475. do foolish thing
  476. do foolish things
  477. do foolish work
  478. do futile work
  479. do happily
  480. do hesitantly
  481. do in one sitting without rest
  482. do only at the last minute
  483. do something freely
  484. do something only at the eleventh hour
  485. do something without forethought
  486. do the irregular
  487. do the things on time
  488. do unrestrictedly
  489. do very slowly
  490. do with difficulty
  491. do with full attention
  492. do with sincerity
  493. do without taking rest
  494. dodge
  495. dominate
  496. donate generously
  497. dose
  498. double cross
  499. drag on hookah
  500. drink liquor
  501. drive away
  502. drive away someone
  503. drop down carelessly
  504. dump any problems on whoever is at hand
  505. dwell in forest
  506. eat all
  507. eat all that was served
  508. eat by snatching
  509. eat cattle feed
  510. eat disinterestedly
  511. eat frequently a small quantity
  512. eat in full
  513. eat one's words
  514. eject
  515. elope
  516. emaciate
  517. embellish
  518. embezzle
  519. encourage
  520. encourage someone to start on an adventure and then do an act to hurt him
  521. end
  522. endure someone's lamentations
  523. enjoy doing
  524. enjoy poisoning someone's mind by tale bearing
  525. enjoy success
  526. enquire about trivial matters
  527. enrage
  528. entice but not give up fully
  529. entrap